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This site is independent of the NHS and the Department of Health.

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The Citizen Voice Body for Health and Social Care Wales
33-35 Cathedral Road
CF11 9HB

Welcome to Llais

Llais is a new national, independent body set up by the Welsh Government to give the people of Wales a say in how they receive their health and social care services.

Everyone at Llais believes people and communities in Wales should be able to lead happy, healthy lives where they get the health and social care they need in a way that works best for them. We believe this can only happen by raising the power and influence of their voices in shaping people-centred health and social care services.

Llais works alongside health and social care services, harnesses the voice of those who use or may need services to bring about positive change. Our team of volunteers, alongside our dedicated and passionate workforce, work to create a better landscape in health and social care.

Llais is made up of 7 regions, listening to people in their local communities, understanding the things that matter most to them about their health and social care services and using this to make a real difference. Our reach is national, and we use your voice to help bring about change wherever this is needed for people living in all parts of Wales. 

Welcome to Llais

Life in Wales

Wales is a small nation with a big heart. Beaches, forests, mountains and lakes are just some of the spectacular landscapes and scenery to take advantage of in Wales, a country known for its national beauty.

Wherever you choose to live in Wales, you won’t be short of things to do. Rich in history, Wales is also known as ‘land of the castles’ and with over 600 of them, you won’t have to travel far to visit one. Wales is also home to four UNESCO World Heritage sites and 90 accredited museums, three national parks and 150 beaches.

Wherever you choose to live, Wales is proud to have a welcoming and friendly community, with a rich culture and diverse heritage.  From its bustling cosmopolitan cities, to the coastal beauty spots and tranquil rural landscapes, Wales is a home for everyone.

Citizen Voice Body for Health and Social Care Wales (operating name Llais) presently has no vacancies listed in our database.